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Zimbabwe - Tips

1. Take small bills - under 20 USD or you wont get any change.

2. Bargain for your dollars - every place gives you a different rate (one gave us 300 and the other 550)

3. Never pay with your credit card - the give you bad rate (55 zmb$ for each USD)

4. Take a heavy raincoat with you - when you go to Victoria Falls cover your camera as well it's like shower.

5. Zambezi lodge is a recommended place - great dinner buffet - but watch out for the monkies trying to still your food from the table.

6. Bring old sneakers and t - shirts that you want to get rid off - the local merchant will trade with you.

7. Save some local money for the duty free - prices are marked in local money and you can get it cheap outside (don't pay with credit card) - but first check if you can buy there with local money - I didn't have money left so I didn't try it.

Sent by Efi,Israel