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Wyoming tips

Yellowstone N.P

1. if you are planning to camp at Yellowstone N.P and light up a fire don't buy fire woods at the stores, not like other N.P's, in Yellowstone you can pick up dead branches from the ground (that's because all the fires that left a lot of dead trees there) If it was raining and you cant use that wood, you can get firewood at Jackson and the area near the park, and also at stores in the campgrounds.

2. old faithfull gayser - there is a clock there to know when is the next 'show' - u just sit there and watch it - nice also there is a short trail on wooden bridges - leavs from the old faithfull goes through lots of other gaysers and at the end get to the morning glory pool

3. the ground at the yellowstone area is very delicate - u must be carefull where u walk - only walk on the marked trails or on the wooden bridges - dont get off them - it can be very thin ground ...

4. while driving yellowstone N.P u allways slow down when u see a car that stopped couse it might mean theyre is an animal there - usually u get to see bizons and stuff like that but once i saw alot of cars and there was a baby bear walking and suddenly he crossed the road and ran away to the woods and all the cars began driving again...

5. Cody - east of Yellowstone NP - u should visit cody - little town - east to yellowstone - very nice lots of cowboys and stuff and rodeo show every evening at 20:00

Grand teton

Beautiful park, the cabins at cotler bay in the park are relatively cheap (at June 2002 it was 70 USD per room - double occupancy) There is also free Internet access for the guests. All the park stores and stuff are nearby (including a restaurant)

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