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West U.S.A and Canada

This trip plan goes from north to south if you begin your trip before July you better go from south to north.
I was there at 2001 - prices mentioned here were the prices i payed that time.

Washington State
Capital city: Olympia
Seattle - I didn't like it so much (I don't really like big cities) you can spend number of days there If you like, a one

day trip from Seattle - Mount rainier N.P - its about an hour drive from Seattle - drive road number 5 till you get to Tacoma, road number 7, you will see directions on road 7 to the park. In the park - snowy mountains and stuff, but be sure to check the weather first because a lot of days it's a bit foggy and you wont see the view as well.

Olympic N.P - beautiful park, rain forests with weird hairy trees, amazing views and a lot of trails, you can spend there a day or 2 depends on the weather. You should drive on 101 - very nice drive with some great views.

From Port Angeles you take the ferry to Victoria BC (54 USD- 4 people +car)

Canada - British Columbia
Victoria (day and half - 2 days)
Walk around, the city is beautiful and - you should find hotel on Douglas Street or government street, park your car and walk around.
Museum of British Columbia- really nice museum also has Imax theatre there.
Butchard gardens - 30 minutes drive from Victoria - try to get there at the afternoon and stay till evening - at 9 pm there is a firework show - really nice, besides the gardens looks nice in the dark with all the lights. (18 Canadian $ per person)
Take the ferry to Vancouver (70 Canadian $ - car + 4 people)

Vancouver, BC (4-6 days)
Walk around the city, downtown area.
Stanley park - really nice park, you can go see the aquarium there really nice and big, drive the scenic drive there and see the city and the totems there, or just jog or something.
Guestown - nice touristic area - a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and tourist's stores - nice to walk there.
Chinatown - as always - great food and stuff,
Queen Elizabeth Park - nice park, just spend the afternoon there with some food or something - very relaxing.
Observation from the harbor center - really nice view and really cheap - 4 Canadian $
Canada place - looks like a big ship, its mostly conference rooms and stuff in there -also Imax theatre.
Capilano suspension bridge - nice park with a very long suspension bridge crossing the Capilano canyon, (6 Candian $ PP)
Mount Graus - take the cable car to the top, there are some trails there, lots of wooden sculptors And some short and funny shows. (20 Canadian $ PP)
From Vancouver drive on 5 south to Oregon.

Capital city - Salem
Sea lion cave - at the north of Oregon - you take the elevator and go down between the rocks to see them - not that great and they are pretty far from you (6 USD PP) - if you are heading to S.F you will see them better at pier 39 for free.

Crater lake Very nice park - really small - you wont spend there more than a few hours, the lake is amazing - pure blue water - very nice - you get there on 5 south and when you get to 138 you take this road and from there you will see directions to the park.

Drive on 101 till you get to California.

Capital city: Sacramento
Redwood N.P
Avenue of the giants - this road is 53 Km long - you will see very big and wide trees, some tress you can drive through them with your car (costs separately) Walk between those big trees (there are some trails and its really nice)

San Francisco (5-7 days)
Its really hard to find parking place in this city so its recommended to find a motel/hotel with a free parking and buy a weekly pass to public transportation that is really convenient there.
Also you will get a guide to the city (there is one in the hotel, and everywhere in the city) take them - there is a lot of coupons inside.

Golden gate Bridge - driving on the bridge entering the city costs 3 USD per car, you can also walk on it or with bike.

Walk the city - every day something else - fisherman wharf, Chinatown, downtown and so on.

Fisherman wharf - walk the piers - at pier 39 - cute restaurants and stores, At pier 41 buy tickets to the ferry to Alcatraz - buy them first thing - sometimes there are no tickets for the same day (10 USD PP)

Near pier 41 there is Ripley's believe it or not museum - really nice museum for all kind of strange stuff (6 USD PP)


Ride at least once on the famous cable cars of SF, its really fun, it's free with the public transportation weekly passes Hold the polls and stand - don't sit - its not as funů

49 miles drive - takes you through all of the main attractions in the city, you must follow the orange blue sign with the big 49 on it - at the end you will get to twin peaks -the view of the city is amazing

Another thing you must do is drive Lumbard street -the crookest street in the world- drive the part of Lumbard Street between Hyde and Levenworth

Golden gate Park - really nice park a lot of places to walk, lot of nice gardens, also its great for rollerblading or cycling.

3 miles north to S.F - Sausalito - nice little town - it's nice to spend there one morning.

Carmel is 2 and a half hour drive to the south, start there the 17 miles drive.

Ghirardelli square - just a square with expensive chocolate stores, sometimes there is a chocolate festival there.

From S.F drive east to Yosemite N.P (2-4 days) Vernal falls - almost the only fall that has water in the summertime - nice walk (about 3 hours) to see the falls - great view.

Glacier point - the best observation of the park - you see the half dome and all the area around it.

Tioga road - this road takes you to the other side of the park (exit to Nevada) - and the view you can see while driving this road is really nice.

Capital city: Carson City
Las Vegas (3-5 days)
Stay in one of the hotels that are located on the strip (las Vegas blvd)
Visit all the hotels there - they are amazing, also there a lot of great buffet restaurants. In the hotels there are a lot of shows (some are free of charge)
5 minutes from the strip - belz outlet mall - lot of factory stores

Few of the hotels that worth a visit:
Caesar palace - visit the forum shops - the ceiling is like sky and the lightning there changes according to the time of the day.

Mirage - tropical forest - really nice - there is a volcano eruption every day.

NY NY - as you can imagine - NYC style, there is also a rollercoster there.

MGM grand - really great, don't miss the cage with the white lions,

Treasure island - pirate style - there is a "war" there every day.

Venetian - really beautiful, has a canal around it with gondolas.

Balagio - every 15 minutes (starting at 9 pm) a fountains show - really nice.

Circus circus - has circus show every hour for 15 minutes or so.

Capital city: Salt Lake City
Zion N.P- a small park but really beautiful, a lot of giant red rocks there, There are few trails there, the narrows is really fun - you have to walk in the water - its great - don't forget to take a branch or something to help you walk in the water (there are some sticks in the beginning of the trail) Try to visit also the north part of the park (less known) - COBOL canyon - there is a nice 5-mile drive there

Bryce canyon- close to Zion, this park is absolutely amazing, red canyon, A nice walk is Queen's garden - you walk down (really nice view on your way down) and at the bottom u supposed to see queen Elizabeth's sculptor - its not really similar but it beautiful anyway Drive and stop at the view point (don't miss the natural bridge)

Capital city: Phoenix
The Grand Canyon - there are a lot of trails there (including one that takes you to the bottom of the canyon - you must register for it ahead)
The sunrise is great there (mather point is a nice place to watch it) Ask the ranger or at the hotel when is the sunrise and get to the observation point 20 minutes before that)

Phoenix - hot city and not really beautiful, don't get there unless you have to.

From phoenix take 10 west to L.A (about 6 hours drive)

L.A Universal studios - back 2 the future is really cool - try to be in the first row (there are 2 in each car - 3 people on front and 3 on the back) Also Jurasic Park is great - you must do it but don't take your camera and stuff like that - you will get very wet. (65 USD, universal and sea world)

Venice beach is a really nice place, spend there the afternoon but don't be there after dark - lots of crazy people.

I didn't really like this city - very crowded and dirty, not my style, wed rove around Beverly Hills and stuff but you get sick of it after 2 minutes.

Visit Disney world - 43 Usd PP

Sea world is also really cool - especially "fools with tools"


Sent by Or Darom, Israel