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Washington state tips


1. There is a "free bus zone" at the downtown where you can ride the bus for free - very convenient (6 am till 7 pm).
2. Take the "underground tour" - a tour at the underground streets of the city - combine history humor and fun.
3. "Ye olde curiosity shop" - a very special shop, a lot of weird stuff - open 7 days a week, located at pier 54.
Shop site.
4. Try to find a motel with parking - parking lots are expensive.

Olympic N.P

The entrances to the park are very far away from one another, so plan ahead.
There are not a lot of roads in the park so to see stuff you must walk in trails (a lot of the trails are very long -takes days) If you don't want to walk a lot but still want to enjoy the park's beauty go to Hoh rainforest.

The ferry from USA to Victoria, Canada departs every 5 hours or so from Port Angeles - you should be there an hour early to get tickets.

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