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I arrived to Tanzania from Kenya, in Tanzania almost everyone needs a visa and it better to get in advance if you come from Uganda or Kenya do the visa in this country. Also in this country I learned that in Africa you can't use 2 passport and to swap bet ween them at least don't do it in the border and try to get another stamp in your other passport in the capital city.

Getting to Tanzania

There are buses from Dar ES Salam to Lilongwe in Malawi, but I don't know how many times in a week and where you can stop in the middle. There is also a direct bus from Dar ES Salam to Nairobi. If you want to arrive from Uganda you can take the ferry on lake Victoria, if it's still not operate from Kampala to Mwanza, you can go by land to Bukoba and then take a ferry to Mwanza. By train you can go from Nairobi to Moshi a few times in a week and from Dar ES Salam to Lusaka in Zambia a few times in a week, there is the ordinary train and the express train with both of them the journey is almost 2 days, with the ordinary one this journey is longer in a few hours.

Where to go
When you take a bus in Tanzania alsways try to bargain the buses are private and there are a lot of competition, The drivers drive very fast since the road are almost completly empty. Also there are many new roads in Tanzania, last year they finished to pave the road from Moshi to Dar ES Salam and from Dar ES Salam to Mebya (near the border with Malawi). You can also use the train inside Tanzania there is a line between Moshi and Dar ES Salam a few times in week, which wasn't so pretty and with the train which continue to Zambia you can go to Mbeya, the route is very nice and you can see in the way the wildlife not like when you take the bus.

Arusha is the center of the Safaris in Tanzania. A reasonable and cheap place to stay is Minja's guest house (Tel 057-3060). You doubtfully can find a car for hiring so you must get an organize tour, the safaris in Tanzania are more expensive than in Kenya and you pay at least 65 US$ per day. The most visited parks from Arusha are Serengeti of course (read what I wrote about the Masai Mara, Kenya), Ngorngoro, Tarangiri and Lake Manyara. Also you can find tours to climb on the Kilimanjarou, but those tours you can find also near Moshi, which is closer to the mountain and you can have a nice view of the mountain from there. In Moshi it's very good idea to stay at Kindoroko hotel the photo was taken from Kindoroko hotel of the bar on the roof of the neighbour hotel. Ngorngoro creator is one of the best parks, first the creator itself is beautiful and secondly the place is a paradise for the animals. Big money is involved on those safaris, the price of a safari for single can be the wage for 1 year and some locals try to take advantage on this and cheat the tourists. They can offer you the once in a life time safari and then disappear with your money. So here I try to make a black list of those companies which you should avoid when you take your safari. One of them is Stonechat that is based in Arusha. To report about others safaris companies click here... Depends in which month you visit the area it's advised to go to the recommended game park between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti if you want to see the animals. The main migratory herds are made up mostly of wildebeest and zebra, some gazelle, eland and topi, followed by the predators like lions and hyena. Elephant tend to circulate in a much more confined area, as to giraffe. The Serengeti Ecosystem is comprised of the Masaai Mara in Kenya and the western part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), Serengeti National Park (SNP) and Maswa Game Reserve in Tanzania. Keep in mind that migration is based on water; the animals are moving to the areas where the rains are coming. Tanzania and Kenya don't have summer or winter as we know it, only wet season and dry season. The migration pattern is really a circle which begins in the Masaai Mara, then moves clockwise (to the southeast). OCTOBER - Driest month in Serengeti NP; animals remaining in Masaai Mara where water is available. NOVEMBER - Migration begins to the southeast into the Loliondo Controlled Area (towards Lake Natron) and skirting the eastern edge of SNP, in the area of Lobo Lodge; animals are heading towards the new rains coming from the south. DECEMBER - Herds moving through the eastern portion of SNP to the western area of NCA; zebras begin foaling. JANUARY - Migration reaches short grasses of southeastern SNP and western NCA to the Ngorongoro Crater; peak birth of zebra foals. FEBRUARY - Animals are mainly stationary in the southeastern SNP and western NCA in the area of Oldupai Gorge; wildebeest calves are born. MARCH - Heaviest rains; animals circulating in the southern area of SNP and western NCA. APRIL - Migration begins to shift west, heading into the central part of SNP in the area of Sopa, Seronera and Serena lodges. MAY - Northern turn begins through the western corridor of SNP; wildebeest form long columns as they move through the woodland zones. JUNE - Nearing the end of the rain season; migration is fully in the western corridor, still moving north. Herds cross the Grumeti River, providing food for crocodiles. JULY - "Winter" time; very cold in the mornings; herds now turn northeast into the Grumeti Controlled Area, with a small portion of animals moving east to the Lobo area. AUGUST - Still "winter" with cold mornings; migration continues northeastward toward Ikorongo Controlled Area. SEPTEMBER - Migration enters the Masaai Mara. This paragraph was written by Edward Hobson

Dar ES Salam
There aren't what to do in Dar ES Salam, but stayed there only if you missed the last ferry to Zanzibar island or you wait for another bus Where to stay
In Dar ES Salam you can stay in the YMCA or YWCA, they're both fine, but not in the cheapest range. 2 others hotels cheaper than the previous ones are Trafic light motel and Holiday Hotel which are OK for the price you pay. A new campsite I have found recently (2/01) is Kipepeo Campsite I could only found its website and not anyone who has been there yet.