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South Africa - Tips

1.One of the most cheapest places in the world.
2.Excellent food, best meat and sea food.
3.The "butcher" restaurant in Sandon , half an hour drive from Johannesburg has the best meat - You order and pay per meat weight.
4.Dont miss Sun city.
5.Allway bargain in open market , you can save 30-50%!!!
6.Do not enter Johannesburg after dark.
7.Caessars Casino near international airport is very nice.

Sent by Henry,Israel

South Africa - Tips

1. Don't miss the "Cape point tour" - you will get to see baboobns, penguins and if you are lucky even whales.
2. Leave Table Mountain to the end of the day if it's cloudy in the morning.

Sent by Efi,Israel