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South Africa

Many nationalities don't need a visa in order to go to South Africa. eventhough before you get there ask if it's true for your nationality.

About the country
South Africa is a western country in the part where the white people live and now also some black people live in those conditions. This is the only country in the African continent I saw which has fences between its neighbours countries and this is because South Africa is the most develop country in Africa. Its roads are excelent in all the country and they're often not crowded

Getting to South Africa

train from Johanesburg and Pretoria to Bulaweyo and Harare with Translux, Blue arrow and Greyhound. There are also buses to Namibia and a train to Mozambique

Going in South Africa
South Africa is the cheapest place to hire a car in Africa since there are plenty of small rental car companies and also the petrol is cheap. You can also use the bus service, there are some companies like Translux and Greyhound, which gives 10% discount for students. Those buses are comfortable and not cheap, for example from Johanesburg to Capetown it costs about 250 Rand, that's why I suggest you to buy the flight ticket from yuor last destination and not from Johanesburg, because it's cheaper. You can use the Baz bus which offer a ticket that you can make some stops in your trip, they also will come to pick you from your hostel (the list of the hostels can be found in their website). They operate between Johanesburg, Durban, the Garden route and Capetown and of course you can use also the train or the South Africa luxury train the Blue train

What to do+Where to stay
About where to go in Capetown area look in Capetown section. Before entering the gaden route (when you arrive from Capetown) go to Hermanus and if you're in the right season you can see whales. The garden route starts when you arrive to Mossel Bay, I didn't see everything there so you can read here only what I've seen so first I arrived to George a nice small town, here you can take the steam train afterthat I went to Oudtshoorn, where you can see very large caves and ostrich farm, where you can learn about this bird and you can also try to ride on it. Afterthat I left to Knysna and I slept in Highfield in 2 Graham st. (0445-826266). In Knysna you have very nice view of the Lagune. Afterthat I countinued to Tsitsikamma forest, just a little bit before this park there is a toll road and you go on a vert large bridge I took the old road and it was much nicer. Tsitsikamma forest was very nice place, a small forest with some trails on the beach, also the resturant inside the park is very good, when you le ave this forest to Port Elizabeth direction you leave the garden route and the area isn't so green anymore. Afterthat I conitnued to Port Elizabeth and stayed in Jikeleza in 44 Cuyler st., in the morning I did the way to Addo national park if you like elephants this is an excelent place. On the road you can go inside Grahamstown nice town with nice churches, where you can take a break. After you pass East London you reach Transky which the state where many black people live, it was a black people state in the apathide days, so now it's not reccomand to go there at night, the stories tell about people who stopped to change their tyre and then been robbed. I did the way in the evening and the last part was dark and the feeling wasn't so good especially where the road isn't so good. It takes at lesat 5 hours. Durban. In Durban you can go to the Indian market, also the beaches are beautiful and the water is more quiet than in Capetown. Also you can dive to see sharks go down in the interchange of N2 road in Umkomass, there you can find a couple of diving shops where they'll arrange you the dive, you need a boat to go to the corals and it takes more than 20 min to reach the site. Another where beautiful place is the Drakensberg mountains on the border with Lesotho the only backpackers lodge is in Sani pass, where you can go in some trails in the area to see waterfalls and you can hike to Lesotho.