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Paris - tips

Visit Champs elysees during the daytime and evening.

Observation from the 3rd floor of the eiffel tower - very touristic but u must do it at least once, go up there at noon and wait for the sunset to see it at day light as well as after dark.

Use the metro as little as you can - don't be afraid to go into the little streets, galleries etc.
Don't be afraid of getting lost - no such thing in Paris.

For great lunch - go into a bakery - buy baguette and other stuff, then go to a delicatessen and get salads, spreads and fruits, after that all you need is great dessert so go to a chocolate store and buy all kinds of goodies - take this food to one of the thousand gardens in the city and have a great picnic.

Sailing is nice but not amazing - and if you do it better at evening.

On Sundays there is a very nice food market.

Sent by Nili, Israel