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NY state

If you are visiting NY state and not only the city - some tips.
1- Adirondack - great place to hike, raft , rent kayaks and so on, - one great trail you should hike is ausable chasem - its a bit expensive - but its a nice walk, plus if you want you can join rafting tour at the end of the walk.

2 - Glass museum at Corning - very nice place - lots of stuff and also you can actually see how they make stuff with glass.

3 - Ithaca - very nice city, just to walk around- you can visit Cornell university , also there are some nice parks there.

4 -Finger lakes - you should drive near one of the longer lakes- Cayuga or Seneca lake, nice view and alot of wineries that you can stop, taste and buy wine.

5 - If you are in Syracuse you can visit green lakes - 2 lakes , just a nice areaa to walk, swim and stuff like that, also beaver lake offer some nice trails.

Sent by Or Darom, Israel

NY state

a resturant in Syracuse called "Dinosaur BBQ" - they have the best meat ever, but you have to wait a long time to get a table, and they don't do reservations. We waited about an hour - but it was worth it! it's a special resturant/bar with a lot of wierd bikers dining there.

The adress: 246 W. Willow St., Syracuse, NY. And there's another branch in Rochester, with a bit less rough atmosphere: 99 Court St., Rochester, NY. They also have a web site, and it has information about their resturants, gigs and merchandise

Sent by assaf Wunsch