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NY City

1 - LAundry+Internet - on 20th & 5th (big blue sign with green letters), you can use the internet for free (3 computers) while you wait.

2 - more internet - you can use the net at the public library (30 minutes for free, you must register before and they tell you when to come).
also you can try the worlds biggest internet cafe on 42nd & broadway right next to disney store, the cool thing there is that your $ worth differently everytime (depends on the amount of people there at the same time).

3-soft low fat ice cream - at the corner of 21st & 8th there is a store with many flavors...very good.

4 - if you want to buy cheap tickets to shows - you should go to TKTS - on times square - you can buy there very cheap tickets for the same day.
open MON-SAT 15:00-20:00 and on WED they have tickets for noon and they also open at 12:00-14:00.
you should try to get there as early as you can.

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NY City

1) A Yidish store in NYC! It's called "The Jewish Book Center/Workmen's Center", and it's located on 45 east 33rd St. Phone number: 212-889-6800

2)Stuffed Animals and weird stuff in the Soho: "The Evolution Store", at 102 Spring St. . Phone: 212-343-1114. Worths visiting even if you don't want to buy anything (although I bet you want to buy your friends a fox penis bone!)

3) Horse riding in central park is a must for horse-lovers. You just pay and get to ride a horse around NY, between all the taxies and cars, streight into central park and back, and they don't even attach an instructor! You're all alone! The only catch is, that you have to show you have an idea about horses, can tell the difference between American and English riding styles, what is galloping and stuff. But don't show too much knowledge, or they'll give you a rough horse and you won't enjoy the ride. The adress: Clairmont Riding Academy, West 89th, between Colombus Ave. and Amsterdam Ave.

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