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Visa is required by all foreigners going to Nepal and you can get it at the border or at the airport. Last year the price of the visa was 25US$ for 30 days, but this year 1998 the visa is free until the end of the year.

Getting to Nepal

Why to travel in Nepal. Well Nepal is very cheap for the traveler and it includes everything the accommodation, transportation the national parks, treks and rafting. Combine with magnificent view of the Himalaya range and the types of climate from tropic to arctic. By air from Europe there are regular flights from London and Frankfurt. From India there are flights from Delhi about 100US$ oneway and from Varanasi about 50US$. By land the main route is from India even that it's possible to cross the border from Tibet (China) to Nepal. From India the easiest way to go to Nepal is first getting to Gorakhpur, from this town there are many buses and mini buses to Sunali (the border with Nepal) Most of the buses leaves from Sunauli to Kathmandu and Pokhara early in the morning so unless you plan to stay in the border which isn't recommended (from stories and the towns in both sides of the border are tiny) try to get there early. In Nepal all the price are negotiatble so start from here to get discount on your bus ticket, it won't cost more than a few dollars to both of the places if I'm not wrong about 2-3US$.

Traveling in Nepal
The visa which you'll get at your arrival is only for Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys, for others regions you'll need to get a permit in the immigration office, the prices for those permit are vary from a few dollars per week to a few hundreds. So the main route the travelers do by bus is from Kathmandu to Pokhara and return, this route which its distance is less than 200km takes 6-8 hours, depends if you take the bus or the minibus and takes about 2-3US$. Most of the buses leave in the morning and the lasts are early afternoon. Many regions aren't negotiable by vehicles and you must fly there.

There is not much to do here, probably you'll come here if you do one of Annapurna treks which are the most popular in Nepal. The interesting places in the city are Phewa lake which is the second largest lake in Nepal, Seti Gandaki river and Devi's Fall. Also there's big Tibetian village near by.

Where to stay
The hotels here are as good as in Kathmandu for less money. I can recommand on 2 hotels which their owners are nice and the hotel is nice too, 1st one is Angel hotel (061-21713) and the 2nd is New travellers' guest house (061-21930,21834 fax 061-21896 and by e-mail epun@mos.com.np).


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Treks from Pokhara
The most popular treks in Nepal start from here and this includes Annapurna circuit (18-21 days), Annapurna base camp (7-8 days), Jomsom (7 days) and some more.