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Mount Washington - New Hampshire

In the White Mountains area NH, it's a really nice drive to climb up to the Mount Washington summit

There are 3 ways to get to that summit:

1.By car - you get to the booth at the entrance - you get a tape or cd to listen while driving (has some tips on driving up/down that road and stories about the place) the way up takes about 30 minutes - even though its only 8 mile long - you must stop from time to time to cool your engine - by the way if the engine is too hot you should turn on the heatů at the end of this drive you get to the summit, there is a visitor center with a little museum there and a gift shop.

The way down also takes about 30 minutes, this time you stop every few minutes to let your breaks cool off (don't use water!!!!!)

Price is 16 USD per car + driver, 6 USD for each additional passenger (may 2002)
You get a sticker for your car and a "diploma" that your car has climbed Mount Washington.

2.Train - you can take a train that will take you to the summit, its not the same experience as driving by yourself but its also nice, and it's a good solution for someone without a car.

Price is around 50 USD per person. (May 2002)

3.Hiking - I saw some people that were hiking to the summit and even few kids (probably kids who hikes a lot but I guess that means its possible. but it didn't look easy.

When you arriving to the area check at the visitor center about the weather - sometimes you cant get to the summit and only walk/drive half way.

Sometimes in the morning they wont let you climb to the summit but in the afternoon they open the road to the summit - so it worth double-checking at different hours.

There are a lot of other trails you can hikes them - check out at the visitor center.

When you get to the summit look for the cross that says "summit" - nice to take a picture there.

Pay attention to the TV that is above the stairs that takes you to the museum in the visitor center (at the summit) they show there a video that was taken on a VERY windy day - unreal.

Sent by Or Darom, Israel