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Moscow - Tips

things to see:

Lenin Hills and University. (Go with river boat it is easiest)
River Cruise Moskva river. (stops near Novospasski monastary,Hotel Rossia, Gorkypark and Lenin hills)
Gorky park
Arbat and Novo Arbat.
Victory square.
Metro (most stations are very beautifull)
Try to see a show at the Bolsjoh theater.
CD's Video's can be bought very cheap in a lot of places. be sure to check if they are in english.
There are lots of nice shops and shopping centres with most western brands but they are usually more expensive then in Western Europe.
There are also a lot of nice Monastaries all over town be sure to visit a few of them.
If you have time you can make a trip to ST Petersburg for a few days. take the train it is a cool experience.

There is no real easy way to travel from the airport to the city centre (30km) if you dont want to use a taxi there is people who offer rides -pay about 10$ max. there are also rumours about a bus to the nearest metro station (I have never seen it)

Visa: make sure you have a correct visa for your stay and registrate at OVIR in 3 working days or you will have problems when leaving.

If you will drive make sure you have a Cyrilic translation of your lisence and proove that the owner allows you to use this car (letter from owner) make sure you have a good map because the roads are very wide and often you can turn only 1 way.

Moscow is nice in winter and summer In winter it is very cold (-10C / -30C)so make sure you have some warm clothes and a hat. Would be nice to hear from other people about there experience.

Sent by RH, Netherlands