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Monserat (Spain) - Tips

1.every day at 1:00 pm, there is a boys choir in the basilica, try to arrive there 45 minutes before and get a seat in the front rows (its free of charge)
on your right side (when you enter the basilica) you will see people stand in line, if you will wait till the afternoon the line will be gone and you can go upstairs (2nd floor) to see Maria sculptor.

2.its better to buy a combine ticket to the museum (alot of original dali, piccasso and more) + a visit at the audiovisual museum (located near the main cafeteria), you can buy the ticket at the tourists station located in the restaurants and shops area.

3.if you want to walk you can take the green train (sant joan station)to the top (buy one way ticket). there are few trails you can choose from to get back, it takes about 2-3 hours, dont forget to bring alot of water and dont try to walk uphill - its really difficult.

4. the self serve restaurant is not expensive, the ice cream there is great.

5. parking costs 3 euro, basilica is free of charge and the train/cable car are not very cheap.

6. only on saturday and sunday the stalactite cave is open to the public.

7. infront of the first restaurant you can find (only during the morning) cheese stands, try the samples they giving out.

there's some work going on there this time so its a bit noisy there.

the sights are amazing, worth the visit and the tour in the area, spend there at least half a day.

Sent by Yonatan, Israel