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East Canada and the Maritimes provinces

This trip takes about 5 weeks. (best months - June -September)

You can start this trip at NYC or any other city in the northeast of USA. Drive to 1000 islands, you can take a boat tour there, observe the islands from the top of the tower.

Drive to Toronto, you can spend few days there - a lot of museums just go to what interests you, don't miss the CN tower observation - walk on the glass floor and see all the way down to the street.
Near the CN tower you can also take the skydome tour (check the hours there, I think they guide 2 tours a day - morning and noon, ***may 2002), it's a very nice tour at this great dome -very interesting.

From Toronto it's an hour and a half drive to Niagra falls, spend a day and half at least there.

At Niagra falls (Canadian):
1. Maid of the mist - a boat tour gets really close to the falls - you will get wet but they give you a coat.
Maid of the Mist Steamboat Company Ltd.
5920 River Rd, PO Box 808
Niagara Falls ON, CAN L2E 6V6
P: 905-358-5781
F: 905-358-8527

3. Observation from Minolta tower or skylon tower
4. Imax movie - about the Niagra falls.
IMAX Theatre Niagara Falls
6170 Fallsview Blvd.
Niagara Falls ON Canada L2G 7T8
P: 905-358-3611
F: 905-358-3613

5. Don't miss the falls at night - starting at 8:30 Pm.
6. There are also a lot of helicopter tours, and other boat tours.
7. Around the falls its a really touristic area - all kinds of crazy museums, moving theatres, Casino and stuff like that.

From Niagra falls you drive to Ottawa - the capital city of Canada, try to get to Ottawa on a weekend - hotels are much cheaper and the city is not crowded.
Go to parliament hill and take the guided tour there, at 10 Am during the summer you can see the change of the guards.
Drive on Sussex drive - a lot of nice houses of some important people, also at Sussex drive - Notre dam basilica - very beautiful.
Bayward market - between the streets George and York - its nice on Saturday.

From Ottawa you drive to Montreal, visit the Olympic tower - observation from the top of the tower, the guided tour wasn't that great and I would pass it.
Mon royal park - the park is on Mount Royal in the center of the city.
The old city is really nice - just walk there and visit Notre dam basilica and church.
Rue saint Dennis - great area with nice coffee shops and stuff.

Drive to Quebec City - you can join a guided tour at the parliament of Quebec, walk in the old city and the citadel.
When you leave Quebec city you can visit Montmorcy falls - but - I didn't like it so much - very expensive parking and not that amazing.
When you drive on the north bank of saint Laurence you can visit st' Ann - small town, beautiful huge church and also a nice park at canyon st' Ann.
Take the ferry from st' Simon to the south bank of the saint Laurence and drive to New Brunswick.

At NB there are 5 scenic drives that are all over the province, drive on the green trail (river view) - you will see the saint john river next to you all the way.
On your way to St John you can visit Grand falls- a little town with falls in the center of it.
Another spot is king's landing and Hartland (in this town there is the longest old covered bridge)
At St' john - the reversing falls - I didn't really see much there - but they are probably days when you can see it.
From St' john you drive on the blue trail - Fundy trail - drive along the Fundy bay - watch the differences between high and low tide there. You will also get to Fundy Park.

2 things you must see: from st' john drive to st' martines caves - you will see red caves on the shore - at low tide you can walk in those caves. Also drive to see the Hopewell rocks - its really nice - try to spend the night there so you will see the high tide as well (in the morning) - you can walk between the rocks at low tide and kayak there at high tide…
When you will drive to Hopewell rocks (fundy trail) you will have an intersection with 915 - take this road (it's a loop and you will get back to Fundy trail) and then drive to anrage cliff - its also pretty nice.
Moncton - there are a lot of covered bridges there but not as long as the one in Hartland.
The magnetic hill - you drive downhill, release your hand break and the car will start to go uphill by itself - there is also a zoo and a water park there.
Also in Moncton - tidle bore - on main street there is this park - you will see the big clock there that indicate when is the next time- that also wasn't so impressive when I was there but sometimes its wild.

From Moncton you drive to Nova Scotia, right at the entrance there is a big visitor center.
At NS you can also catch the tidle bore at several points.
Halifax - capital of NS -really great city - visit the citadel - take the guided tour in which a "soldier" tells you about his service, at noon they shoot the cannon.
Also visit the public gardens of Halifax they are really beautiful.
There are also few museums and some great restaurants there.
50 KM from Halifax - pegis cove - a small and beautiful town - worth a visit.

Cape Breton - drive Cabot trail - 300 Km of amazing view, in several locations you can go whalewatching
Louisberg - an historical site - cast of actors take you to places in the "old" town and tells you stories about the French defense there.
From north Sydney take the ferry to Newfoundland- 6 hour ride - you might want to take the midnight ferry and reserve a cabin (4 beds and bathroom) or a dormitory sleeper (bed) for the night - you will arrive at 6 am to Newfoundland.

When you arrive to NFLD take road Number 1 till you get to Deer lake and then drive on 430 which will take you to gros morne park - amazing park, go to see western brook fjord - you have to walk for about an hour then take the boat to get closer to the fjord.
The tablelands area is also very beautiful.

From the park you can drive up north to port aux choix, on the way you will see the arches, and when you get to St Anthony you can take a boat tour to see icebergs (or whales depending on the season) also visit lance aux meadows - an old Viking town, Another thing you can do is to take a ferry to Labrador.

You drive back south to Deer lake and take road 1 again till you get to Twillingate , you must take a boat tour there - amazing icebergs … also there is a little nice museum (durrell) that has a stuffed polar bear.
You can drive to st' johns - the capital city (during the summer there is another ferry that depart from the eastern area (near st' johns) but offseason you will have to drive back all the way.

You drive through NB back to the US border (Maine)

Sent by Or Darom, Israel