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PEI - Prince Edward island

1. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES - its a really nice place to walk i the house + there r some neat trails in the yard there, if u r a big "fan" ull have the time of ur life
Directions: Green Gables is located on Route 6 in Cavendish.
Phone: (902) 963-7874;

2. the beaches at PEI are great - just fun the walk there , especially if there is a lighthouse there as well

3. CHARLOTTETOWN - its a nice city - nothing specail but its a very lovely city , alot of nice buildings and churches and u should just walk , the marine area is also nice and there r some nice places to eat there...


1. iceberg watching - it is just amazing to get close to those big monsters - see their blue pure color and even taste them - wow - most amazing moment of the trip the icebergs r there between may-july and july-sep - its the whalewatching time
Directions: especially in twillingate area also u can see them and take a boat tour at st anthony (north to gros morne park)
i took a boat tour in twillingate and it was fantastic

2. hiking to westren brook fjord - hiking to westren brook fjord at gros morne national park - newfoundland just the view ....amazing
Address: gros morne national park, NFLD
Directions: u have to walk till u get to the boat that takes u there - start operating - june

3. durrell museum - when you r visiting the twillingate area u must go to this little museum at Durrell - where they have a stuffed polar bear - he got to the place on an iceberg or something like that and start walking around the place so they had to kill him aventually.... i know they probebly have stuff like that all over canada but that is the first i saw....
Address: Durrell, at twillingate bay.

4. while visiting newfoundland (and the maritimes in general) my advice is to stay at bed and breakfast the people in newfoundland are the nicest people i ever met - so hospitality - its fun even for people who usually prefer hotels (like myself) and the breakfast are the best....:-)

5. GRAND FALLS - on the way from twillingate area back to the main highway - there is a little place where there is a fall and the salmons there cant get back to where they come from so they build there like a way around it for the salmons and they helping them get back... - its nice and gives a nice break from the drive.... if u catch the guy who live next to it (nice guy) he will show u and explain the proccess...

6. ferry to nfld - from north sydney, NS you can take the ferry to nfld - there is one - operate year round - takes 6 hours - get u to port a basqe - u should take the midniught ferry and get a sleeper (dormatory) or cabin for 4 ppl you should reserve sleep/cabin - 2 days b4 - or u can find out there r none left
there is also a ferry that takes you to the east side of the island - takes 14 hours but only operate during the summer..

7. 2 B&B i really liked there:
Jeannie's sunrise - great little place at port aux choix, wonderfull breakfast and just great and there is an amazing and hugh shared bathroom
prices were resonable (about 30USD at 2002 per room)
Address: fisher street port aux choix
Phone: 709-861-2254

the other one is Gregory's by the lake - at deer lake (its a few hourse drive from gros morne NP and from the ferry)
Address: 122 nicholsville rd., deer lake

Nova Scotia

1. HALIFAX CITADEL - its a great place, and u learn alot from it...you should spend there a half a day or so... there are guided tours that r really great and informative and at 12 they shot the canon there

2. HALIFAX PUBLIC GARDENS - its really beautifull, nice gardens , near the citadel

3. MARITIME MUSEUM OF THE ATLANTIC (at Halifax) - very nice museum, alot of crazy ships and stuff there, a titanic section and other stuff, very big so be ready to spend there a few hours
Address: 1675 Lower Water Street at Prince Street

New Brunswick

1. drive to st martines caves - in high tide the caves r full with water and in low u can walk in them

2. drive to see the hopewell rocks and stay there overnight to see the difference between the high tide and low tide its amazing over there.

3. while driving the 'fundy trail' u have to leave the trail and drive on road 915 - it takes u closer to the shore - till u get to anrage cliff - its a cliff in low tide and a small islnd in high tide - while driving there - (in low tide) u actually driving on the ocean buttom...very nices

4. B& B i liked : Sunrise beach cottages - if u r visiting deer island in New brunswick - its a great place, big cottage on the ocean - balcony view to the ocean - gret atmosphereand great cottage (fully equipped)

5. the reversing falls at saint john: when i got there (twice during may) i saw nothing at the first time and at the 2nd time something happend - but not really empressive as u think it will be by the name - movement of some water - i dont know if later on the season its better but it sure wasnt worth it at may...

6. a really nice place to eat at Fredricton is Lunar rogue pub - just a nice pub with great food every day there is something half price if u order drinks...good stuff
Address: piper's lane - between king and queen st'

7. Also at Fredricton - there is a really big frog over there (dead one...) that weight 19 KG (WOW) and its in the museum over there...be sure to check when it is open since its open for few hourse a day.

8. not much in moncton but there is the magnetic hill u just release ur handbreaks and u see ur car going up hill by itself - nice thing - also they bulit around it a zoo and water park and other attractions

9. around Moncton there r alot of coverd bridges u can take a map at the tourist ceneter and drive in a trail that goes to alot of them

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