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Every year, at FEB. we visit Lapland, after arriving to Helsinki , go to the central train station and get tickets to Rovaniemi after 13 hourse train ride you will get there.

most of the winter activity is riding snowmobiles with a guide into the woods, where temp can get as low as -30 deg C. you can also combain this trip with ice fishing, reindeer or dog sledding and more.

you should also visit Santa's village.

in Rovaniemi there is a museum showing the life of the lappi people , you will also find in the museum other exhibitions.
one of the most amazing things there is the northern lights, you will need some luck to see it but if you do....amazing.
Rovaniemi is like any other city, you can go out there like in any other place , and buy everything you need.

in Ranua, located 70 KM east of Rovaniemi, there is an arctic zoo.

at Kemi they built every year ice castle , you can rent a room there (very expensive) and sleep on ice bed. also from Kemi you can take the icebreaker tour, which includes ice swiming (with thermo suits)

sent by Moshe Goren, Israel


1. Sampo ice breaker - its very expensive (173 euro) but also amazing u see the ice brakes all the time and then u get lunch and also u can swim in the water (with special suits)
Torikatu 2 94100 KEMI finland
take the 9;30 train from rovaneimi and then a taxi to the place
+358 16 256 548

2. dog sleding safari - maybe the best activity in this trip you get a sled and drive it (well the dogs run u just have to use the breaks sometimes and to lean to the sides on turns) its real easy and alot of fun.
there are alot of companies who offer those kind of activities so just see what is best for u (i went on 1 with reindeer ride as well)

3. Snow castle at Kemi - lots of rooms and great stuff out of ice - not much to say ....its really nice if u r going to the icebreaker u should go to the snow castle after it (its near the railway station)

4. Sida museum - in inari you can go to sida museum and see pictures of the sami people - also short videos discribing their life there is a movie about aurora as well

5. Uruniemi camping - they have cabins - some with no running water so u have to go to the wt/kitchen/ shower in the building but its very nice and the view is great (on the inari lake) it is 2 km from city center

6. Ice swiming - if you want you can try ice swiming there,