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driving from Florence to Venice

The drive from Florence to Venice can be much more interesting if you decide to drive from Florence to Ravenna and then drive through Padova.

The min idea is to drive on the road that leads from Florance to Ravenna, its an amazing road goes through mountains and beautiful little towns. during the drive you drive up the mountains and when you get down there is an amazing view all over.

The road is devided in 2 parts, one is the winding road that goes throught the mountains and the other part is level.

Ravenna is a harbor and the main thing to visit there is Basilica di San Vitale and inside you can see very beauriful mosaic in this city there is also the grave of dante.

while driving on the shore you can visit the towns there, and continue to Padova or Bologna.

Sent by Danny, Israel


Padova isnt a touristic city and in the first look it seems like a boring place but infact the 2nd oldest university is there and the oldest medical faculty.

main attractios:
first anatomy room (1594) in the oldest medicine faculty - amazing

Cappella degli Scrovegni -early 14th century chapel with frescoes by Giotto - the visits are limited to 30 minutes and you have to wait till there are 30 people in the group nearby there is a museum where the original cross of the cappella is stored.

sculptures by Donatello infront of basilica del santo.

Palazzo della Ragione - great markets around it.

At the main plaza - bog garden with sculptures garden and fountain.

near the plaza you can also find the peace plaza (Itzhak Rabin plaza)

beside these attraction you should just walk around and enjoy the city

its a great city to visit and if you are planning to visit Venice its 30 minuts away and the hotels there are reasonable. dont forget to ask at your hotel the attraction map of the city.

You can drive to Venice on the highway or take the other road that leads you thourgh castels and estates of rich and powerfull people (including muselini)

also you can drive to Verona (hour - hour and a half on the highway)

Sent by Danny, Israel

Theme park

near Verona there is a very nice theme park, called Gardeland or something like that.

its a very big park, worth to visit there and spend at least half a day.

Sent by Racheli, Israel
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