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When you first get to the main bazzar (the street were all the travelers are in delhi) someone should stay and watch the bags whil e the other go search for a place - go see few guest houses and decide whats best for you (price, hygiene, reliability - check if you can put yourown locks - very important)

there are rooms with tv and with no tv, with A/C and with no A/C - by the way usually when you get a room with A/C you spend more time inside the room so think about that...

the main bazzar area is not really big , try not to walk in the small streets there at night, for women i would suggest not to walk alone at this area - too many people just grab you all the time.
the city is beautiful - just walk into one of the tourist info places and they will help you (dont take a guided tour)

when you get into a rickshaw know the price befor you get on and dont let him take you to shops - he gets money for it and it is just a nightmare.

the prices for internet can be very different from one place to the other so look around (the cheapest one i found was 10 rupi per hour)

another thing is that rickshaw drivers always try to tell you there are no train station nearby- dont let them fool you there is one at the end of the main bazzar.

Train: when you buy ticket you have to show them a receipt for money exchange so keep it with you.
policmen will search you at the ride - pay attention, dont let people put elegal stuff on you (and ofcourse dont take some with you)
there are few classes some with A/C .

Dont miss the Taj Mahal - even if its expensive (750 rupis) its worth it, also dont miss Verenasi

most important - just stay calm, enjoy the place and the people (they can be abit anoying but they are great people)

Sent by Shay, Israel
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