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I think it's one of the most difficult to describe India. I've seen many programs on the TV about India, but no-one of them could show the experience of being there, the pleasant and disgusting smells, the endless noise in the main streets of the big cities. If you look for something completely different than the Western world so India is the place. India is a huge country and this is the reason in a period of 3 weeks I saw only small part of this interesting country and the information here is only about those places I've visited. In the main page you can find general information about India and to find about certain place choose the right state from the links in the left.

Visa is required by all foreigners and you must get it prior your arrival, recently the visas are given for 1/2 year only (except of transit visa) and to extend the visa you must leave India and get it in another country. The price of the visa is about 40US$ for 1/2 year.

Getting to India

There are flights to almost everywhere in the world, the main international airports for the long destinations are in Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi and Calcutta (the cheap flights east of India are made from here), to Kathmandu Nepal a cheap flight can be found in Varanasi. By land the borders with Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh are opened. If you arrive by air for the first time be aware that the Indians find you as a target, you can find yourself going in a taxi and in the middle of the way the driver will find a story how to take you to another hotel than the one you want to go. In my case they took us to a travel agent who called to the hotel I was recommended to go and they claim that the hotel was full and afterwards it was found as wrong.

Traveling in India
By flight, there are special cheap flights for students and people under 25. It's worth time since the trains and buses are entirely slow. The flights are made between the major cities. The trains have separate tickets office for the tourists in the big cities and you can buy also the Indiapass (unlimited ticket for certain times), in order to buy a ticket for the train you must show a receipt that you changed the money in approval place like a bank. The trains are relatively safe, but when you sleep lock all your luggage, the crime is very low in India, but not the theft. By bus prefer the express bus since the roads are very crowded and the bus goes 100km in 3-4 hours for the express bus. Especially in the overnight buses be sure that there isn't a TV on your bus, if you want to sleep during your journey. Although it's possible to rent a car for self drive in the large cities, it's not popular doing it, but you can rent a car with a driver and it costs about 30US$ per day if you end in the same point as you started, if not it may be more expensive.