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4 - 7 days

Reykjavik - the capital of Iceland, just walk around the city - very nice and clean - a lot of colorful houses.
In the center of the city there is a salmon river - nice.

Also there is this lake (lake tjornin) with the city hall near it and a little church (if im not mistaken).

Hallgrimskirkja - really big and beautiful church - go to the roof and observe the city (notice that the huge bells are there and they are ringing each hour -its really loud)

On the way from (or to) the airport keflavik you can stop at blue lagoon - hot springs pools - really relaxing.

From Rekjavik you should drive to the golden circle - 3 parks that are close to each other,
visit Gayser - park with few gaysers - one of them is active (it erupt every 5 minutes or so), near it there is
Gullfoss - 2 waterfalls (32 meters) - very nice and the last park is
Thingvellir , where the government used to gathered in the past (very long time ago) this park was the first national park in Iceland , there are some nice trails and great view.

Another day trip is to Snaefellsness - really nice area (about three hours drive north) with some small villages.

Sent by Or Darom, Israel