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Visas are not requried from all European nations (exept Albanians, Bosnians and The republics of the former USSR), USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Cyprus and Argentina.

Getting to Hungary

Hungarian air courier Malev and most world known air companies have a regular and frequent connection to Forehgy International airport of Budapest. You can fly to Budapest from almost every European big city, The USA, Israel, Egypt, Tunis, Tyrkey, former Soviet Union. Rail connection link Budapest with Bratislava (daily), Wien (daily), Prague (daily), Zagreb and Lublijana (number of trains per week), Athens, Istanbul, Kiev and Moscow (daily). Another option to visit Hungary is by bus. Daily buses connect Budapest with almost every East European country, including Poland, Czechia, Romania, Croatia, Austria, as far as Amsterdam, Paris, London, munich, Milan and many others. You can choose one of the sailing ships on Danube river and to take a trip to Budapest from Wien, via Bratislava (daily in summer season) this is not a cheapest way to get to hungary from the neighbour countries (approximatly $60 one way from Wien), but much more impressive with no doubt.

Traveling in Hungary

Hungary has an exellent transport network. Every part of the country can be visited within one day trip from Budapest. There are two main railway statins in Busapest, where both international and intercity trains deprature. The main central bus station is situated near by Nepstadion. Here you can find a bus for direction within the country, as far as to Romania and Croatia. approximately price of the oneway ticket between Budapest and Eger (120 Km) is 3US$, Budapest to Pesc 4.5-5US$ (250 Km). An international bus station, which called "Ergebet Tere" is centrally located, small, but it seems like effective enough. Buses from Wien departure four times daily, for Bratislava two times daily. You can easily travel to Wien or Bratislava to get back the same day. The first bus to Wien depature at 7:00AM, and the latest from Wien to Budapest from "Wien mitte" bus terminal is at 19:00. Take into account around three hours that you spend in the bus. If you have no enough time, 8-9 hours would be a good choice to visit this beautiful city.


Situated on the western part of the of the contry, bordering Austria, at the foot of Koszeg mountains is the junsics castle, a landmark of the town of Koszeg. A special feature is its two parts; the outer fortress and the Trapezium shaped inner fortress, which adjoin like islands. There are buses from Sopron and Szombateli to Koszeg.


An ancient town, about 50 Km off Budapest near Slovak border. Whether you arrive by boat or by car, The sight of the town of Esztergom emerging from the surrounding hills captures the emagination. Thia place had been inhabited as eastly as the stone stone age, then it becasme the home of celts, Romans and after 896 AD - hungarians. A castle. Crowned by vast cathedral and the ruins of walls of the royal palace, stand below the river Danube. Buses and local trains from Budapest. Ship cruises from/to Budapest as summer season.


The capital of the bakony mountains, has been built on several hills. The highest of this is castle hill, a rocky outcrop rising above the Sed river. All of the buildings here are historic monuments: an ancient gatways baroque sculptures, facades, churches, the cathedral. Daily buses. Veszprem can be easily visited in one day trip from Budapest, but the best way to discover this part of Hungary is to stay in one of the towns or villages aroung the Balaton lake and to spend at least three days by traveling around.


The town of Eger is situated about 130 kilometers away from Budapest, in a picturesque valley. The town is known for it's thermal baths. The historical monuments that has national significant, however is the Pentagoral castle on the hill above the town.


A small town around 30 kilometers from Pecs is known for it's interesting medival castle, which is one of the best preserved Hungarian castles. The first mention of Siklos castle was in 1294. The impressive elements were built in the middle ages. The care of the complex is castle surrounded by tall walls, older round towers and newer bastions. It's well tarring a walk to the big Malcocs mosque downtown and, if you have the time, to thermal Spa under the castle. A sight near Siklos is Mariagyud, a place of pilgrimage with it's two tower baroque shrine and gothic sanctuary. Siklos is easily accesible by bus from Pesc.

Kisnaua castle

A 14th century aristocrastic castle with a palace, chapel and a church inside the walls. Situated not far from the city of Eger (25 kilometers), local buses from Eger bus station near the old town.