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I stayed at the Quest hostel in London.

located at the center at Bayswater area. it took me alot of time to find it couse the sign is hidden, so pay attention.

I paid 17 for a room with 6 beds (girls only) with bathroom, another 10 are for deposit on the key and you get it back when you leave.
the price include a small breakfast - small table with some bowls of cereals, and some rolls and butter.

More info:
the bed was comfertable and the sheets were clean, no elevator, i couldnt lock the door for some reason which was abit scary.

the staff:
at the first night the reception guy wasnt really nice but the next day was better.

i stayed for 5 nights at a place called issacs hostel

The place located at the center (area 1) near a bus stop , you can walk almost anywhere from it and you cant get lost.

i paid 13 Euro (1 is deposit) for a room with shared bathroom, there is a samll breakfast (muffin and orange juice) and there is a restaurant that belong to the place that serves lunch and dinner but it was a bit pricy, you can use the kitchen that was well equipped.

the key was a coded one, after 11 pm people cant come in (people that not staying at the hostel) , there is a doorman.
when you go out take the receipt with you so you can enter at any time, you can also get a locker for 1 euro per day + 10 euro deposit.

more info:
the sheets are clean and every day they clean the room and bathrooms - so the place is very clean.
there are some rooms located under the DART train which start at 7 AM

very nice people, willing to help you with places to go and stuff , the place is allways full with people at the lobby, there is also internet access but there is a place near by which is cheaper and better (Talk&Surf)

photo from the place:

Sent by Aviv, Israel