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Koingsee - near Berchtesgaden.
A beautifull lake with very clear water, the boat takes you to the far end of the lake (like a fjord) and there you can see the chapel of St. Bartholoma and next to it there is a good fish restaurant.

in the middle of the lake the captain takes out a trumpet and start playing, and you can hear the echos from the walls around the lake.

Sent by Arik, Israel

Austria & Berchtesgaden - Tip

Accommodations recommendation - in the village Grossgmain we stayed in a really nice 3 bedroom house.
it has a kitchen, hot tub and washing machine.

very close to the german border and about 20 minutes drive from salzburg.

price: 41 euro (high season - 2001)

Haus Knobloch
Poststrase 284
A 5084 Grossgmain

tel - 0043-6247-8247 or 8426

Sent by Arik, Israel

Berchtesgaden - Tip

in Berchtesgaden you should try to visit the salt mine, its similar to the one in Austria - you go underground and take a boat tour there in a salt lake, you also slide down the shaft and you can purchase the photo of your scared face after.

Sent by Arik, Israel

Germany - Tips

When I arrived to Munich airport i bought a family train ticket to Munich (7.5 Euro, 2 adults and up to 3 childrens) and a 3 days transportasion pass (17.5 for family) i found a room near station U6 which is a coltural center of the city, lots of restaurants, bars, shops and so on.
After 2 days in the city i rented a 4X4 car for 11 days at 425 Euro.

i learned that you can get a free parking card for tourists that allows you to park up to an hour and a half everyhwhere that parking is allowed - you get this ticket at the information center - its a bluw card with white and clock at the middle of it.

I drove mostly off highways (highways have a one digit number)
A very nice romantic city that i would stay more is GELNHOUSEN - not far from Frankfurt its a very old city, during the morning you can go to the market located at a parking lot and watch women buy 1 tomato, 2 onions and so on and put it in a basket like in the fairy tales. In the center of this town there is a hotel - 40 Euro per night

It is recommended to "travel" at home with your maps before the trip so you can study the places. I also think its a good idea to take mobile phone with you to be in contact all the time.

About guestroom: dont panic if you dont find a room beacouse they dont allways call it "zimer" they have all kind of names : guesthouse, inn, apartment and so on. the prices we paid were between 25-62 Euro (and the 25 Euro was the best)
if you have any quastions feel free to ask us.
Baki & Yael

Sent by Baki & Yael, Israel
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Berlin - Tip

If you are in Berlin try to arrange a visit at the beautiful synagogue at East Berlin
The synagogue is located at quarter: Prenzlauer berg at Rykestrasse (Rika street)

To visit you must arrive on Friday night Saturday morning or on holydays, during the week it's closed.

You can also try to arrange a visit with the Jewish community (ask at the new synagogue)
And while you visit ask them to open the big synagogue (usually prayers take place at a smaller room)

*** Don't forget to bring your passport couse the place is secured.

Sent by Amit, Israel