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Edinburgh - Tips

1. Even if you travel during the summer - take warm clothing and raincoat. Weather in Scotland in unstable and might get really cold at times.

2. Take one morning walk to Arthur's seat - even on a rainy day there is magic to this place - great green view, great fresh air.

3. In my opinion you can skip the famous zoo. The penguins parade is nice but other than that - there is nothing special there.

4. Princess street (the main street) - nice because of the gardens, shopping and the castle view, yet crouded and noisy. Personally I didn't like it too much.

5. Buy a daily bus ticket, get on a bus (wherever it goes ) and travel outside the center - whichever direction you go you will see lots of green areas, lovely houses and impressive old buildings.

6. No need to stay in expensive hotels. You can find very good B&B for better prices. during the summer it is highly recommended to make reservation in advance (especially if you plan to visit in August, as it is the festival time)

7. Pentland hills, south of the city - great place for nature lovers. You get there by a bus from city center.

8. No need to rent a car for the days you will be in the city - no parking and traffic jams all over the center. The public transportation is very good and provides all your mobility needs.

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