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Travel diary - Thailand

14/07/02 09:32
Hi everyone and welcome to liron and hila's diary about the BIG trip to thailand. we are going to update you about our two month trip (25/07-24/09) to thailand from every internet cafe we can use in thailand once in a while . Well , we are now 12 days before the flight to Bangkok (BKK) and we almost took all the vaccine shots we need (one more to go ...) , we already organized our course on the map of thailand and I think it's going to be a great place to go before we start our studies back in ISRAEL in october.
We hope you'll enjoy this diary ... stay tuned ;)

18/07/02 13:57
Well , i've just been informed by the travel agency about our flight details:
Company - Turkish Airlines
departure from ben gurion - 25/07 , 17:20 (Boeing 737-800)
arrival to istanbul - 25/07 , 19:30
departure from istanbul - 25/07 , 21:45 (Airbus 340)
arrival to BANGKOK (!!) - 26/07 , 10:45
Hoping NOT to get some jet leg out of this flights and safe land in bangkok ...
Cya , till than ;)

21/07/02 08:23
We are just few days before the trip and there are few things we need to finish :
1. Insurence for 60 days
2. Buy some basic equipment for the first few days
3. say goodbye to you all ...
We also heard that the island koh panghan was closed due to the "dunghi" disease (a very dangerous moskito bite disease) and that the next Full Moon Party won't take place there , so we need to update about it when we will land in bangkok about it.

25/07/02 10:02
Hi, this will be the last update for the site from israel !!! a taxi is going to pick us up in 12:00 ... a little tension in the air (... mostly hila) but I guess that everything is going to be allright when we are going to be on the plane. The next update will be from T-H-A-I-L-A-N-D !!

26/07/02 10:42
Yes ... we are here , we arrived bangkok at 11:10 in the morning on the turkish airlines flight (it was great !!) and got a cab to the khoasan road (mostly israelies ...) we are staying at the D&D hotel here (600 baht for a day ~60 Shekels) and it's clean and nice (hila say it's like "YEAROT HACARMEL HOTEL" ?!) we are planning to go to the siam center today and check out camera and goods prices. there is a lot of food here in the streets , but the smell , the smell ... a food and gasoline smell toghether doesn't really makes appetiate !

27/07/02 17:32
Hi everyone , today (after a good , freezing , sleep in our hotel room) we went to a big (very big) shopping malls (Liron lost his mind in there and so do I) . we drove there by bus (an air conditioned bus) and it was so cheap ... we didn't knew it's that cheap . We saw many things that were so cheap (in MBK center and PANTIP Plaza) , even my eye lens there were about half price from israel. there were also many great clothes , and I bought two GREAT shoes in about 60 shekels. Liron finally (after checking almost the whole last night in PANTIP PLAZA Center) found his digital camera (he bought the best model , even he didn't knew he can get it that cheap) and now we are so tired ... Tommorow at 6pm we are going to move to the north , i think we inhaled enough of this city smell for now. If you see this email today (it's about 21:20 here and 17:20 in ISRAEL time) you can call us to our room hotel in telephone (662) 62905268 in room 2610. We are going to be there in about half an hour.

28/07/02 09:48
In about 4.5 hours we leave Bangkok to chiang-mai in the north with a VIP bus (it cost us 200B ~11 Shekel each, hila got the best price ...) , it's about 13 hours trip with a great view (we hope) and there we want to travel by jeeps for about 4 days and we hope there will be no rain there , here in bangkok (tfoo...tfoo...tfoo) we didn't had any rain till now , but now it's few drops an hour... I bought my CAMERA yesterday and now (after a night of learning) i think i got used to it ... "May the photos begin !" We don't know if we have internet in the north but here there are many places we can use it (we are now in a place called "the israeli connection") and it's 30min free and the next is not too expensive. We also left our stuff here for now and take the neccesary equipment to the north. BTW- don't send any emails to my personal email (liron518@012.net.il) , send it to hila's email (but again , don't send any big emails with files). her email is hilax6@hotmail.com

02/08/02 13:38
Kawasadee kap (hello in thai) , how are you all ? we've just heard about the incident in the israeli university in jerusalem , so sad to hear it . We are now in Mae Hong Son in the north and we are after two days of a trip in the area (we started at chaing mai) and it's great - we drove an elephants , staying at good hotels at night , and the landscape is so green ! we took a lot of pictures and i'm dying to send it here but till now i haven't found a place that does that. We are going to end the trip tommorow and go back to chiang mai and tour the place there and then we are going to go back to bangkok and than to kanchanaburi.

02/08/02 13:36
Hi everyone , we've just came back from the 3 days trip to the north of thailand. in the last day there was 100% "SHETAH driving" ! we stucked in the mud in the mountains (our guides wanted us to stuck because they are MURALIM!!) and it took us 3 hours in the dark and rain with mug with depth to my knees to rescue all the 10 jeeps (when hila was sitting in the air-conditined jeep , laughing ... It was great ! Now we decided to stay here more two days because there are many thing to do here , and the air is good (not like bangkok ...) I gave my digital camera card to someone in mae hong son and he copied all the pictures to a cd and here in chiang mai i gave it to a photo shop and they will print it to me (73 pictures out of the 200 i've made) , i hope the quality is good here.

04/08/02 08:53
Hi you all , we've printed the digital cameras yesterday in a photo shop and they are GREAT !!! I've attached here few pictures from our trip to north. Today we are going to leave chiang mai (tough choice, it's a great place !) and we are going to be in bangkok for about 2 days.
Have fun.

05/08/02 20:27
Well , we've just came back from Phat-Pong the "sins section" of bangkok . many strange things going on there , and we've watched the "special" show there. We wanted to see a little of something in thailand and i guess this is one of the many things ;)
08/08/02 17:24
Hello everyone , we are in kanchanaburi for 2 days and we are having a GREAT time , nice guest house (Jolly Frog) , nice people , cheap food & drinks and we sleep by the river (!!) Yesterday we took bicycle and drove to the bridge on river kwai and the WWII museum , interesting stuff ! Today we took with other couple from herzelia/hazor a motor bike and drove about 150 km to a nice waterfall (Soi Yok Noi) and eat at a local resturant a very good lunch and than drove to the tigers temple , it's a big area with many wild animals that walk free , and tigers too ! and we took pictures of me & hila holding them.
thats it for now... ;)

10/08/02 20:06
Today we've been in the biggest waterfalls in thailand - the seven waterfalls - erawan waterfalls. We took the bus no. 7180 to the waterfalls (1.5 hours) and paid 26 baht for one direction each. The waterfalls were nice , and the course is going step by step (step 1 to step 7) from waterfall to another and the total walking was about 4 KM and in step 3 there was a big waterfall pool (which liron refreshed in it and took picture inside it). The distance and difficulty from step to step is going harder and harder (who need "SHAPE" ?). When we came back we ate something and fall into our comfortable bed in our guesthouse.
Bye now.

12/08/02 13:16
Yes , we are back to Bangkok , today is the queen's birthday here in thailand and all the streets are clean and flags of thailand are all over. We think that they are going to have parties later, I'll guess we'll see about this. We are going to see today a VIP movie in the MBK center , it's a first class seats and conditions to see a movie ;) we'll report you later.

16/08/02 15:11
We arrived here only yesterday (after a 17 !! hours of bus+ferry) and we inloved with the place . We are sleeping in a place called "The yogurt home" at the ad-rin beach and it's great. Hoping to send some pictures soon.

25/08/02 20:27
Hi you all , we arrived today to koh samui after little ferry trip (45 min.) It's a lovely place with a LOT of hotels and resturants (like a small bangkok but without the horrible smell...) but the prices are very high here but we found (like every good israeli tourist) a good/cheap air conditioned room near the beach which is called O.P bungaloas. We left koh panghan after two days of motorbike trips (it was great ...) and after eating in the fish resturants in there (liron ate SHARK ... twice!!) I hope we will be able to attach some photoes soon ... cya for now.

30/08/02 17:18
hi you all , we arrived today to koh phephe and (...damn) its raining here , this is a beautiful place , with a lot of exotic rocks coming out of the green-blue water but we maybe will leave tommorow to phuket until the rain will stop and than we will come back here. hope to send some pictures soon ...

03/09/02 12:51
Hi you all , we're at phuket , the island of the REAL hotels ! We are staying at a small but really nice hotel which is managed by a nice british guy which even helped me to burn images from my camera on cd for free (you can't get anything for a low price here in phuket!) We are eating good , sleeping good and hoping to go to koh phephe soon because now it's raining there. We are starting to realize that the end of the trip is coming fast (too fast) but we are enjoing every minute till than .
bye for now.

06/09/02 18:56
Hi all and HAPPY ROSH HASHANA from me and liron. We are now at koh phephe (without any rain) and this island is amazing !! We've been in a snorkeling trip today from 0900-1600 and we've been in the maya bay (from "the beach" movie) , and other beatiful islands and snorkel sites where we saw exotic beatiful fish that swim near us and toched us. It's nice here in koh phephe and we are planning to go in 1 or 2 days to a beach which is called aow nang. So , happy rosh hashana to you all again

10/09/02 11:53
Hi there , we are now in Ao Nang , it's a great place but we are now waiting for some sun. the landscape here is great and we're gonna stay here for 3-4 days.
Hope to get some sun soon ... ;)

17/09/02 07:02
Well , "here we are in the center of town , look , everybody is here again" (like the english learning tv program) , we are back in bangkok now , starting to travel in the sites here and to BUY , BUY , BUY ! We got our tickets back and we are flying with a greek airlines company that include also 20 hours in athens with transportaion to a 5 stars hotel and back to the airport later. I hope you all had a pleasent ZOM in yom kipuer (here it was impossible to do it !) and hope to see you all soon.
Bye Bye.

20/09/02 08:13
Surprise !!!
We came back today , after we've been 16 hours in a nice hotel in athens.

Sent by Hilla & Liron, Israel