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NB, Canada - Tip

A tip for those who have spare time

In NB there are 3 islands near the US border
I visited at one of them - Deer island (didn't have time for the other 2)
You can get there by a government ferry (free of charge) It's a very small and nice place, you can watch there (like in the rest of NB) the high and low tide, also kayaking and canoeing and all those kind of stuff are the main activity there. I think there is also whale watching there (im not sure couse I was there off season )

In Deer islands I stayed in a really great place - "Sunset beach cottages" - we got this amazing cottage with 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen, we also had a porch viewing the ocean and at high tide the water were really close to the cabin - very nice, there is also a pool and hot tub there Prices were reasonable as well

From deer island you can take ferry to Grand manna which I heard has a lot of nice hiking trails and to Campbelton , and from there you can cross the border to Maine , USA View from our window at sunset beach

Deer island
Sunset beach

Sent by Or Darom, Israel