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Banff NP

1. Lake louise - this lake is really beautifull - just clear blue water , and victoria mountain surrounding the lake , and all the snow around it - just amazing we hiked there to the big beehive and to lake agnes tea house (i hope that was the name) you can also go further to plain of 6 glaciers you can also rent kayaks there but notice the sign at the rentals place telling u the water temp (it was around 2 C when i was there at july)
Address: 36 Miles or 56 Kilometers from Banff

2. Johnston canyon - this place is a really nice and easy walk on wooden trails so its really something any1 can do after 1 km ull see the lower falls and if u continue that trails ull get to the upper falls after another 1.5 km or so the falls r really nice and ull also see a nice weeping rock right next to the upper falls
Address: 25 Km north of Banff

3. Peyto lake - the view from the view point is really good and the parkign is like 5 minutes walk there is also another and even closer parking spaces for handicapps and for buses (i think)
Address: Ice Field Parkway # 93 Highway.

4. Icefield parkway - highway #93 - the way from banff to jasper (or from jasper to banff:-) enjoy the ride - there r some great views there
Address: Highway #93

5. Athabasca glacier -u can take the bus ride from the visitor center to the athabasca glacier (which is a small part of the icefield parkway) the ticket is 30 cnd (sep 2004) and its a short ride there and over there u have something like 20-30 minutes to walk around - look around u its beautifull - mountains and snow snow snow - just great try to be there early in the morning couse the later it gets the more ull have to wait

6. Athabasca falls- its actually closer to jasper np (like a 20 minutes drive i think) and its a nice falls -not far to walk from the parking .

7. lake mourine - this lake is beautifull and its right next to lake louise we got there abit late so we couldnt really hike alot but there some hikes that u can take and enjoy the lake
Address: 15 km of main road #93

Jasper NP

1. MT Edith Cavell - this place is really nice u get to see a really cool glacier on the mountain side , a small pool full of little bergi bites and alot of snow and mountains around you. u have to walk from the parking - not a really long walk but not the shortest ull walk ....about 30 minutes walk - ull see angel glacier to ur right but keep going and then ull see the pool - get closer to it - go down with the trail till u r there
Address: Jasper National Park
Directions: u have to take road #93A to get there - the road is not the best but its worth the bumpy ride

2. Maligne canyon - this canyon is really nice but its not a short walk - ull have to walk from the parking place till the end and back (or find a ride from the parking place at that end to the place u left ur car) the trail is very nice, and easy to walk and ull see on the way lots of rapids and waterfalls and even a nice weeping rock

3. Sunwapta Falls - the Sunwapta Falls are very close to jasper (about 30 miles or so) and there is a short walk to the falls from the parking , u can walk around the falls and look from diff angels .
Address: Ice Field Parkway Jasper National Park
Directions: Sunwapta Falls is located 55 Km (33 miles) south of Jasper.

4. maligne lake - its a really nice lake (but we prefered madicine lake thats on the way ) anyway there is a boat that can take u on a boat ride and to Spirit Island. its about 50 km from jasper

5. Medicine Lake - this is one of our favorite lakes - probebly couse we got there early in the morning and no one was there to shake the water like people for some reason usually do. anyway it was so great , reflecting the view above the lake the lake is located 27 km from jasper between maligne canyon and maligne lake

Yoho NP

1. Takakkaw Falls - this place is just great its really tall so u cant really tae a pic of it when u r close - ull see it from the parking space and that is probebly the place to start taking pics

2. Emerald lake - this lake is really beautifull - its soo green and clear - just amazing and the cabin across of it , reflecting in the lake is a great sight there is also a gift shop and rental place there where u can rent a boat

Sent by Or & Kfir, Israel