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San Fracisco - Tips

When you are looking for hotel - try to find one with free/cheap parking for the guests - parking lots in the city are really expensive and the public transportation is cheap and convenient - you can buy a free pass for few days or a week - its good for buses trains and the famouse cable cars as well (nice expirience) - notice that you cant buy the passes on the bus - you need to go to the boothes that selling those passes.

Internet cafe - weblightening cafe - really a cute internet cafe at pier 39 (12 USD for 2 hours - you can use it whenever you want) The best thing there is the wonderfull view. They also can upload your photos from the memory card of the camera to a CD for only 8 USD.

A great italian restaurant chain - "pasta pomodoro" - one right in SF downtown - good and not expensive food.
TEL - 3400-474-415.

Exploretorium - if you are traveling with kids or you want some mental chalange and you have some time to spare - you should go there. You should stay there at least 3 hours (you can stay there also a full day… its huge)

Santa barbara - mexican food- very good (and cheap) Mexican food - it's a Mexican food stand called La Superica" located on 622 N. Milpas st.
Phone: 805-963-4940

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