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Buenos Aires

This city really try to be a European city but not allways get it successfuly.
People going through garbage cans , stylish buildings with peeling walls, green parks and communist protests.

alot of people scared us befor we went there about the affect of the economic crisis, but we only felt it when we were at the bank, exchangung money with heavy guard and when a bunch pf people tryed to distract us while someone else tryed to take our bag.
but not everywhere is like that, there are some great parks there , the congress square is great and there are some designers stores and nice neighborhoods.

Go see a show at Tearo colon, 7 floors of seats and balconies , people all dressed up , holding little binoculars you can buy outside for 50 cents, you pay by how high your sit is (but you can always move down if the sits are empty.

Tango - there are courses, street shows and dinner with shows , try to get to the city when there is the tango festival at the begining of March - most of the shows are free that time.

Tenedor libre - All you can eat- lunch is cheaper than dinner - the prices are about 2-5 USD.

The elevators are like in the old movies - with bars that you open - close it when you get out...

Transportation - there are buses going everywhere - take small change with you couse you buy the ticket at the machine
the metro is abit crowded but it is very fast - good for rush hours
taxis - only take one that has a radio communication and that belong to a company .

Sent by Shir & Ilan, Israel