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Few days in Boston

One day walk the "freedom trail" start at Boston Common park, in the park there is a booth where the trail begins, take a map there and start walking according to the marks on the pavement.
Don't miss Faneuil hall and behind it in a long building - Queency market - a lot of food there. At the end of the trail you will see the battle ship gun "constitution".

Another day you can take the tourist bus - drive through all the historical sites - tickets are for 24/48 hours - hope on hope off - which means you get off the bus, walk around and then get on the bus again.
If you already walked the freedom trail, walk the green trail that takes you to Brookline and Panway Park.

You can also take the subway and visit Harward, MIT.

Walk the docks, observe the city from the tower at prudential center.

Visit museums - the science museum, Tea party museum, Elizabeth Stewart grand museum and more.

You can also spend a day at the N.E aquarium and go whale watching (April-Oct)

Another option for a day trip is Cape cod (80 Km southeast of Boston) and take also the ferry to Martha's vineyard. Or drive to Salem (10 Km of Boston) where there was a witch's hunt at the 17th century and there are a lot of museums about it there.

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Boston - Tips

1.If you r with your car its better to find a motel near Boston and not really in the city for 3 reasons:
a. parking there is really expensive.
b.driving in the city isnt a pleasure.
c.motel prices in the city are really expensive.

Just find a place with a "T" stop near it, and take from there bus or train to the city - its easier and cheaper. You can buy a pass for few days but think before you buy it - how many days you will need it and if its cheaper for you (remember that when you change train you don't pay twice).

2. Freedom trail - remember don't come with any kind of pocket knife couse when you go on the battleship they wont let you take it and you will have to give it to themů.and they can keep it. The metal detector there are really strong they can affect your credit card so don't forget to put it in the little box you get for your keys, changes and so on.

Sent by Tammy & Ido, Israel
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