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1. Antelope canyon - this is a really beautifull place - u can visit upper or lower antelope canyon (or both) but when we were there the lower canyon was closed cous it rained that week and it was dangerouse. but the upper one was beautifull all kind of red canyon walls , and light that comes into the canyon - amazing
Address: highway 98

2. John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum - this is a small but very nice museum, u can learn about the life there and the people who came to explore the place and they also have this really cool thing - bones of some underwater kind of dinosaur (or something like that ) - very nice
Address: Lake Powell Blvd

3. Horseshoe bend - this place is really close to page but u can easilly miss ut - u have to look for a little brown sign while u driving on highway # 89 then u park ur car and u have to walk about a mile to get to the viewpoint but when u get there its really nice- u see the colorado river taking a sharp U turn when we were there the sun was lighting some of it but some of it was in the shade so we couldnt really take good pics - but the view is still great
Address: highway #89

4. Glen canyon dam -this place is huge - they have free tourse inside that show u the dam from diff spots and explain about it and about the powerplant there . there are few tours a day so if one is full sign up for the next one.
Address: highway 89

5. Lake Powell - this lake is really nice , if u go to the marina ull see lots of really cool boats (u can even rent a houseboat for a week or few days (but its really expensive) u can also rent all kind of stuff over there( in town or at the lake) such as kayaks, jet ski and more


1. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument is a really nice spot - this canyon is so deep and so narrow its just amazing - sometimes u cant even see the river in there, there are 2 spots you can visit - the north or south rim, the north rim is less touristic but I think it offers nicer views so if you don't have time to visit both (it's a long drive between them) I would go to the north rim.

2. rocky mountain national park - this is a great park - you should drive the road from one side to the other (really high road where you get some nice views of the snowy mountains) - another area of the park is on the east - you can take the shuttle service there and visit bear lake and walk around it and hike a short trail to Alberta falls
the road from loveland (highway 34 ) is also really nice, you drive next to a river and alot of black rocks and walls there

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