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Atlanta -Tips

1. MARTIN LUTHER KING CENTER - great place, 2 churches there,a small museum and his house and some other houses that r very cute
Address: 449 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta
Directions: Check website for directions
Phone: (404) 526-8900

2. STONE MOUNTAIN - u should take the tram to the top of mountain (7.5 usd) great views from up there and the mountain sirface is also amazing
Phone: (770) 498-5600

3. tallulah gorge - an hour drive from atlanta u can see trhe tallulah gorge and falls- really nice place - there r some view points really near the visitor's center and also you can take the strais down to see the falls from closer some weekends a year they open the dam and then its probebly even more beautifull

4. cloudland canyon - a really nice park there r few hikes there - 2 of them take u right under the falls....really nice view and the other one is a 5 mile hike at the rim
drive 75 then 136 till u see the park

5. some restaurants i liked :
Houstons - really good food, and the fries r the best
Address: Opposite Lenox Mall

fire of brazil - great brazilian place - you get a card whenthe green side is up - they will keep on bringing food to u - till u turn it to the red side there is also a salad bar at lunch (till 2:30) its 22 USD - i think at evening its about twice as much
Address: 5304 Windward Parkway, 118 Perimeter Center West
Phone: 770-551-4367

smokey bones -log cabin' u can see it when u drive on Perimeter center, inside there r 30 tvs to choose ur sound from (on the table u have speakers and u choose which tv to hear) the ribs there are great!!!

6. MARTA (BUSES & SUBWAY) - from the airport u can take marta and get to the city for a 1.75 USD , they have 2 lines - east-west and south-north - they cross the other line at 5 points station (gsu is there, world of coca cola, underground atlanta and so on)

7. UNDERGROUND ATLANTA - what a useless place - its an underground area with few expensive stores and alot of stands that will keep on bugging u.....

8. World of Coca cola - its really nice there - alot of stuff and old comercials - really nice - at the end u get to taste about 40 tastes of it...

Sent by Or Darom, Israel