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Amsterdam -Tips

1. HEINEKEN BREWERY / EXPERIENCE - it was actually alot better few years ago when u could drink as much as u like - now its only 3 beers per person and costs more - but still nice place, and good beer
Address: Stadhouderskade 78
Phone: +31-20-5239666

2. LEIDESEPLEIN - just great to visit there at the evening - lots of coffeeshops and bars and stuff, plus all the crazy people with their crazy street shows are there so its the best....
Address: Leidseplein
Directions: tram 1,2 ,20 any probebly other as well

3. WESTERKERK/WESTERTOREN - if u get there at certain hourse (i remember 11 am) there is a guided tour to the roof, first of all its nice to climb all those stairs, and also the view from up there is really nice
Address: Prinsengracht 28
Directions: tram 13
Phone: +31-20-6247766

4. ANNE FRANK HOUSE - walk around the house and see the hiding place..
Address: Prinsengracht 267
Phone: +31-20-5567100

5. waterlooplein flea market - great place, lots of cloths and other crap u dont really need but u buy anyway....
Directions: tram 14 as i remember

6. CANAL BOAT TOURS - it is not cheap and prety stupid but its a great way to get to know the city when u first arrive there...gives u a clue...

7. BICYCLE TOURS& RENTAL - lots of bikes there - u can rent them and ride around....watch it when u cross the street - they r allways there ready to run u over

8. - COFFEE SHOPS - its just great , they r all over...even on water

9. RIJKSMUSEUM - really nice and big museum,dont miss the gardens outside.
Address: Stadhouderskade 42
Phone: +31-20-6747047

10. SEX MUSEUM - its actually prety stupid, not really interesting but funny enough to spend an hour or 2
Address: Damrak 18
Phone: +31-20-6228376

11. DAM SQUARE - MADAME TUSSAUD - u know what that is, so also there is one in amsterdam

12. VAN GOGH MUSEUM - well i think its famouse enough so i dont really need to "sell" it here....
Address: Paulus Potterstraat 7
Phone: +31-20-5705252

13. VONDELPARK - wonderfull green spot at amsterdam, i only wished i had my rollerblades with me

14. Transportation - when u get to schifoll airport u need to take the train to amsterdam - underground station - its about 30 minuts ride
when u get to the central station - u r right in the ceneter i think the best idea is to get a ticket for the number of days ull spend there for the tram - easy and fast takes u everywhere

15. one place i think u shouldnt go is the magna plaza - geez i have no idea why someone would like to spend time or money (alot of it) there - just a small but overpriced mall....lol - i dont need to take a flight to get this...but i must say...its a beautifull building

Sent by Or Darom, Israel