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Alberta area - Canada

1- Alberta is the cheapest place in america - you only pay tax to the gov (and not to the province as well)

2 - Calgary is a very nice city, i reccomend to observe it from the tower in the city downtown (you cant miss it) look around, you can see the rockies from there. the drive to the rockies is also very nice , at first you only see these weird lumps and as you get closer you can see the mountains. at Calgary there are nice museum and zoo but... its not like you must visit them... if you there at July, you must visit the rodeo festival, great atmosphere and you will meet very interesting people there.

3 - There is a nice mall in calgary and there is a theatre there with re fill popcorn (what a great idea...)

4 - Edmonton - there is ofcourse the mall... very nice to spend time there especially if you have kids. there is also a river at the center of the city.

5 - a nice town is silvan (near Red deer) very nice place, just sit on the lake and enjoy it, in the town you can find a water park and some nice hotels.

6 - Value village - great 2nd hand store chain (maybe also in the USA) one of the largest store is in Red deer, great store - you can find alot of cool stuff there.

7 - Banff - one of the best towns in the world!!!! right in the middle of the rockies, nice rivedr in the town. go to the tourist office there and get all the info there, there are also alot of cheap and amazing B&B there.

8 - i only went on one day tracks and even in those you can reach amaznig places.

Sent by Neta Shani, Israel
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